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(disclaimer: you are about to enter an area of a very poor polish; do it at your own expense)

34. Propaganda – 2.

In my last post I’ve received some comments revealing to me the source of possible (sic!) negative attitude of poles toward russians. And actually it is not so bad at all. Actually, if it is all that you have, that’s so tiny and childish, and can be easily overcomed without much effort, and even not clear what is all the fuss about. I still doubt that it is all that you begrudge, but nevertheless. And also, let us not forget that as all russian I’m emotionally numb not only to my own suffering but toward sufferings of others as well, so I might sometimes do not understand some finer details.

1) @HarvestRain:

Obraz Rosji … jaki on jest to wiemy i trudno, żeby był inny biorąc pod uwagę zachowanie tego państwa na arenie międzynarodowej.


I just think they elected a tyrant and are stupid enought to be happy about atacking Crimea and Ukraine.


Abchazja, Osetia, Krym, Donbas, Ługańsk, czekamy z niecierpliwością na kolejne występy coraz bliżej naszej granicy.

It is always suspicious when on interpersonal level somebody explains his feelings based on compassion for the misery of others. It is 100% false pretext in international affairs. Who cares about poor little geogians, some unpleasant people from mountains, with their piss which they tout as a wine. And a commiseration to plights of crimean tatars from poles, or give me a break. The sixth aniversary of ukrainians will be discussed some other time.

You may say that it is not so much a sympathy to the victims, but the worry not to become one yourself. As was the case SO MANY TIMES IN A POLISH HISTORY. So now we’re wheeling toward a second mentioned reason of antypathy – lessons and insults from history. And other such ressentiment.

2) @Gorkel

za złe rozbiory i agresję podczas 1 i 2 wojny światowej, Katyń,

In europe to cite a history of your interactions as a reason for your current policy may be a good rethoric, but come on, all involved will take it for pure propaganda and nothing else. 1810s – British and Germans whack the French ogre, 1910s – British and French must stop the German monster, 2010s – French and Germans definitely not fond of British traitors. In Asia, I will agree with you, armenians/turks or israelites/palestinians it is for a long, long time if not forever. But europe: 1815 Prussia and Austria in a Holy alliance, 1865 bloody war, 1915 an eternal union again. So if you would argue something more than a 50 year old as an unhealed wound which would prevent any initiatives between Russia and Poland from coming to fruition, until the apologies, reparations or whateverelse will be made, I will conclude that you are not arguing in good faith.

Something much more palpable (than ridiculous tribulations of others, or resentful history of opressions) was touched in next comment.


mit pomocy „bratnim narodom” … że nie podzielają waszej wizji historii i pomysłów na ułożenie stosunków

I may say you with all my russian experience that if someone in Russia tell you – I wish you well. (Я тебе добра хочу) It is the most sinister thing you may hear and you should run for your life. This person has already decided what will be good for you and will implement his or her vision, not even trying to understand your objections, he already knows and, I assure you, he REALLY thinks that what he’s doing is better for you. So I can only ask to forgive my russian impatience with your objections (and tardiness with answers). This is the way!