Krzyż (naszyjnik; złoto,…

Krzyż (naszyjnik; złoto, szkło mozaika: 9.2 x 4.8 x 1.1 cm), Włochy 1870.

„This pendant in the form of a Latin cross is composed of micromosaic depicting a swan floating in water with a brick-colored circular background with leaves and branches in the intersection of the arms. On the short arms of the cross are sprigs of white flowers, possibly Lily of the Valley (symbolic of the Virgin) with a blue background. The upper arm of the cross depicts two brunches of lavendar and white grapes with leaves in the same blue background. The long arm of the cross, also in blue, repeats the grape motif slightly larger than those above. Underneath is a border of white circles, perhaps flowers, in a brick-colored background. Beneath that border are two white flying doves with sprigs of olives in their mouths (doves of peace) set in the blue background.

The back of the piece is all gold, decorated with twisted wire that outlines the cross and each of its arms. Within are geometric and arabesque designs composed of tiny twisted wire lines and granulated balls. The large oval bail echoes the gold pattern on the back. The white and brick design on the horizonal border on the long arm of the cross is repeated on the front of the bail.”


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