Co można byłoby zrobić z…

Co można byłoby zrobić z ziemią (tj. wypełnić) z budowy Kanału Panamskiego?. Według tej grafiki z 1912 Scientific American 63 piramidy.
„Today’s episode is an unusual double-display, as it depicts the amount of earth moved in constructing the Panama Canal in terms of how many Great Pyramids of Eygpt the earth would fill and how those pyramids would look if displayed in Manhattan. This wonderful insight comes to us via the Scientific American for September 12, 1912, and shows the beginning of the line of 63 pyramids’ worth of excavated Panama Canal soil reaching from The Battery to Harlem. Bravo! (Just so you know that amount of dirt would also fill up about 1.1. billion donald trumps. And: if workers removed the Panama Canal dirt the way that the prisoners removed dirt from their escape tunnel in The Great Escape that it would take approximately 5 billion trips from the site to somewhere else to dump the dirt; even if you have 100,000 people working at the project a la John Sturges’ actors, it would still take 60,000 trips each.)”Artykuł
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